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What does it mean, in your own words to be a vintage rolex submariner replica collecter?

Vintage rolex submariner replica collectors are passionate about preserving the heritage. The people who purchased and wore their watches use them. Detail-oriented, they are as well. Vintage watches, as I've said, are unique in their pre-owned condition -- and well cared for, of course.

You said in an interview last year with Revolution that "heritage was more of a woman thing". Do you still believe that?

[Laughs] I was then referring to a much greater sentimental value. I think of heritage in a similar way to the Greeks.rolex submariner replica Their country and culture have a long and documented history, spanning many years. A brand with a rich heritage is not only colourful but very important. Cartier Santos Replica is a brand that has 99 percent male collectors.

Advertisement for the first rolex submariner replica Monaco automatic Chronograph from 1969

One percent is reserved for women collectors. What type of watches are they interested in?

They like pieces with an aesthetic from the 1970s. The dials are popular with them. Don't be fooled -- they aren't just interested in the appearance. The movements that are behind the products are also well-known to them. They are veryfamiliar with the products down tothetechnicalspecifications.

How do you feel, finally, about the recent rise of TAG in watchmaking under Jean Claude Biver's leadership?

He has a saying: "No tradition, no future." rolex submariner replica naturally follows this motto. Cartier Santos Replica follows his motto: "No Tradition, No Future." Heritage is important to us! Carrera's influence is visible in watches made in a similar spirit. Consider the Autavia or the Connected watches,Replica Rolex Datejust for instance. The brand's evolution has brought them together despite their polarizing ends of history. These watches still have an emotional connection and we wouldn't be able to do it if we forgot our heritage.

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