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General Rules

  • Basement storage is Prohibited
    Any items found in any basement will be discarded
  • Bicycles may be stored, at your own risk, in the Laundry Rooms of
    Buildings 4, 17, 30 and 44 in the bicycle rack You may "Chain & Lock" your bicycles to the rack to secure your property
  • No garage sales are permitted in the complex

  • Important: the Association provides the bicycle rack as a courtesy and will assume no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles.


Please refer to the Master Deed and By-Laws concerning repair responsibilities of the unit owner and the Association.  All Association related repairs must be called into the Management Office. Unit owners who take it upon themselves to have association related repairs made will Not be reimbursed by the Association for the cost of said repairs. If you are uncertain, please contact the Management Office before starting any renovations for clarification of the rules.

    1. Contractors who are licensed and carry both workman's compensation and liability insurance will be permitted to work in the complex.

    2. A Certificate of Insurance - specific to the job in Colfax Manor - MUST be submitted to the management office prior to any work being started.

    3. Unit Owners are responsible for obtaining the proper permits from the Borough of Roselle Park. The fine for construction work done without a permit is $2,000 per trade.

    4. The wall that divides the width of your unit or the front from the back of your unit is a load bearing wall and may not be altered or have "openings" cut into the wall - WITHOUT approval of the Borough Engineer; an architect's drawing and permit are mandatory. Rooms may not be divided and made into two rooms. Fines imposed by the Association for violations will start at $2500; this would be in addition to fines imposed by the Borough of Roselle Park. The units in Colfax Manor were approved for use "as is" by the Borough at the time of conversion from garden apartments to condominiums i.e., one bedroom apartments are not to be converted into two bedroom units or subdivided to create another space i.e. office, dining room. Two bedroom units are two bedroom units and may not have the dining room converted for use as a third bedroom.

    Within your unit the Association is responsible for items that are common in use or within the wall. Sinks both bathroom and kitchen, faucets both kitchen, bathroom and bathtub, toilets, shut off valves both kitchen and bathroom are the responsibility of the unit owner - none of these items are Common in use. The Association is responsible for any stoppage in the bathtub drain that is not the result of unit owner negligence or additions (lint from washing machine or excessive hair or food build-up) because the bathtub drain is common in use for first and second floor units.

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